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The TCP Smart App can be downloaded here,
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TCP Smart Home Assistant

Amazon Alexa

The TCP Smart Skill for Amazon Alexa can be enabled here.

Follow instructions here.

Google Home

Click here to view and link the TCP Smart Skill for Google Home.

Follow instructions here.

Bladeless Smart Heater: What happens in auto mode and why?

When the target temperature setting is set, the product goes into Auto mode. In Auto mode the heater looks to regulate the actual room temperature vs the target temperature. If for example the temperature is 20˚C and you target the heater to be 26˚C. The heater would recognise that there is a 6˚C difference and would move the heater into the High heat mode. When the room reaches 26˚C the heater will automatically change from the High heat mode into the Fan mode. When the temperature falls to 24˚C the heater will move from Fan mode to the Low heat mode. However, if the room temperature continues to fall to 22˚C then the heater will change from Low heat mode to High heat mode to get back to the target temperature setting.

The heater runs in this way instead of turning off to avoid any risk of the heater accidentally being left on in Auto mode when the leaving the home because it looked to be turned off.

If you would like the heater to turn off when the target temperature is reached you can set up an automation to do this. To set up an automation follow the instructions at the here.

My Smart products won't connect

Have you downloaded the right TCP Smart App?

Have you connected to the right network in your home?

Needs to be 2.4GhZ.

 Is your phone connected to the internet?

What signal bars are showing?

Is your internet active?

Check using your internet browser.

Alexa does not pick it up? Have you downloaded the TCP Smart Skill and enabled it? TCP Smart Skill.

Have you tried AP Mode? If not you can find instructions here.

What happens if I change my router?

If you change your router you may need to reset your products.

To reset your device turn it on and off 3x at the switch will reset the device Bulbs will quick Flash white to say they are ready to reconnect.

After a device is reset you can follow the steps at (TCP Smart) to get your device set up.

How do I reset my smart products?

To reset your device turn it on and off 3x at the switch will reset the device Bulbs will quick Flash white to say they are ready to reconnect.

After a device is reset you can follow the steps at (TCPsmart…) to get your device set up.

Do I need an internet connection for my smart products to work?

No you don’t, if you lose your internet connection the system will still work, but you won’t be able to control if from your phone via the internet if you are away from the location the device is set up at.

Smart assistants will need an internet connection to work.

You will however need an internet connection when you set your smart product up.

Do TCP Smart products work with Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit?

All devices excluding the TCP Smart doorbell & Camera’s works with Alexa, Google Home & Siri, but currently do not work with Apple HomeKit.

Can you control all your TCP Smart devices on when you’re not home?

Yes, providing you have an internet connection then you can control/access all the devices, ideal for peace of mind when on holiday.

Do I need a Hub (Zigbee of BT mesh)?

All TCP Smart products excluding the Radiator Valves use WiFi for connection, so do not require a hub to operate.

Can the devices be used outside?

All devices are designed for indoor use, unless stated on the packaging. For example the TCP Smart Doorbell is rated for outdoor use.

Will my TCP Smart lights work with my current dimmer switches?

No. Using a dimmer switch with these will cause the bulbs to either flicker or break early. Do not use with a standard dimmer switch.

How many TCP Smart devices can I connect to my network?

Depending on your network you should be able to connect up to 100 bulbs.

(Please check your ISP & network settings before instillation).

On top of this you can add a range of Switches, Sockets, Sensors & Security cameras.

What’s the difference between white and ambient bulbs?

White bulbs are just that, a white light that can be adjusted, dimmed & turned on and off. Ambient lights gives you colour, you can adjust to suit your mood, or the room setting, they are great for parties or other special events.

White lights are ideal for those areas where you just need light, for example your building entrance where you just need a light to see, or for use in your hall or on your landing at home. Coloured lights are great for your living room, kitchen or conservatory where you entertain or want to relax with some mood lighting.

How long will my TCP Smart lights last for?

TCP Smart lights can last up to 15 years*. TCP confirms that each LED bulb is more economical as it uses 80 percent less power than a traditional incandescent bulb.

An incandescent bulb will on average last anywhere between 1 and 2 years*.

*based on 2.5 hours per day.

Will turning my TCP Smart lights on and off wear them out?

LED drivers in the bulbs are constantly turning the unit on and off at a rate faster than your eyes can detect when in use, so when using the Scene mode in the TCP Smart App where the bulbs flash, it will make no difference to how long they last compared to if they were just on.

How long will it take for my TCP Smart lights to turn on?

On average your light will turn on within a second after pressing the button on your phone or a physical switch.

What happens if there is a power cut?

Just like any other bulbs your lights will go out as there is no power, once the power comes back on your lights will illuminate. You can then use your mobile device again to adjust the lights.

If I cut the Strip Light can I re-use the cut piece?

The LED light strip can be cut to size, however any pieces you cut off cannot be used or reattached.