1. In this section, we hereby describe the guarantee conditions which the buyer acquires on buying a new TCP Smart product. These conditions comply with all the rights construed in the national legislation in force, as well as any additional rights and guarantees which are offered by TCP Smart.

1.1. Any incident that you might detect in your TCP Smart product can be sorted by the product seller or quickly by the manufacturer. Please check for help and technical support.

You will need to state the product reference (located on the label indicating product features), proof of purchase and the type of incident at hand when contacting us so that we can check the guarantee. In addition, please attach a copy of the product invoice.

1.2.    TCP Smart guarantees that there are no material defects of design or manufacture at the time of original acquisition and guarantees the aluminium for a period of 24 months (2 years) and 24 months (2 years) for any electronic and electrical components.

1.3.    If during the guarantee period, the product does not work correctly under normal use, and any design, materialor manufacturing defect is found, TCP Smart will repair or substitute the product as it may see fit, in accordance with the terms and conditions as follows:

1.3.1.  The guarantee is only applicable if the original guarantee is issued by the seller and when the said guarantee is filled in correctly including product reference, purchase date and the seller’s stamp.

TCP Smart reserves the right to reject the guarantee service when this information has been removed or modified after the original product purchase.

1.3.2.   The guarantee only applies to those cases that concern material, design and manufacturing defects, andunder no circumstances covers damage to the product for the following reasons:             Incorrect use of the product, i.e. used for other purposes that are not construed as its normal use or for not respecting the instructions of use and maintenance given by TCP Smart as well as incorrect installation or use of the product that may not comply with the current technical standards of safety.

Corrosion caused by direct exposure to salt water is excluded from the guarantee. When the product is installed no more than 200m from the coast the guarantee for damages caused by corrosion the period will be reduced by 50%.                 Any unauthorized repairs carried out by unauthorized technicians or opening of the product by unauthorized people.              Any accidents that are deemed outside the control of TCP Smart, such as lightning, fires, floods, public disorders, etc.

1.3.3.   Any repairs or substitutions that are included in this guarantee do not allow any additions or new periods of guarantee.

1.3.4.   Any repairs or substitutions covered under this guarantee must be parts that are functionally equivalent.The defective parts or parts removed or replaced shall become the property of TCP Smart.

1.4.    The technical service of TCP Smart will advise you if you need to buy any parts not covered under the guarantee or out of guarantee.

1.5.  This guarantee does not affect the buyer’s legal rights stipulated in the current national legislation, nor affectsthose rights against the distributor or installer that could come forth in compliance with the purchase contract.

1.6.    In the absence of a national legal legislation applicable, this guarantee shall prevail and may be construedas the buyer’s only protection. TCP Smart, its offices, distributors and installers may not be held responsible for any accidental damage that emerges due to infringement of any rules implicitly related to this product.